Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career by Usman Dar

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

This question has been haunting humanity since the term digital marketing was invented. Which by the way is not as old as humanity. In case you are thinking, when was the term ‘Digital Marketing’ introduced? To be frank and honest, we don’t even know that … hahaha

So you want to know why you should become a digital marketer and you probably want to hear from someone who’s been doing it for years.

Well, my name is Usman Dar, Founder of SofticEra – Digital Marketing Institute Faisalabad. and I have been a digital marketer since 2012. Since switching my career from IT to Digital Marketing I have seen digital marketing evolving on a yearly basis and in recent times on a monthly if not weekly basis. I have been creating content, designing websites, and running Google and Social Media ad campaigns for years.

So I’m going to share with you four benefits and three pieces of advice about why you should choose digital marketing as a career.

4 Benefits of Choosing Digital Marketing As a Career

1. You can do it remotely

Digital marketing is one of the careers where you can do your job with 100% satisfaction remotely and tasks involved can be performed any time of the day 24/7.

2. Good Earning Potential

Don’t get me wrong it will be a struggle at the start especially if you are starting as a freelancer from the word go. Everyone needs money but you also need clients and experience, so find the right balance. Remember it is better to earn a dollar than earn nothing. Don’t believe in all these digital marketing gurus who say I charge thousand, ten thousand blah, blah for my services. Trust me there are very few digital marketers who can charge that sort of sums. Focus on your learning journey rather than money when you are doing your digital marketing cours

3. Connection with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

I think one of the greatest things about being a digital marketer is that you get to connect with a lot of business owners and future entrepreneurs. It’s only digital marketing which opens up your doors to different types of businesses, one day you are dealing with a house moving company, next day you are meeting an estate agent and another day you are meeting a car-selling garage, all of whom wants to promote their business using digital marketing. You will not only build a connection with them but at the same time, you will learn about three different business industries. Since starting my digital marketing agency I have worked with over 30 types of different businesses and only I know how much this has helped increase my knowledge about other industries. Learning never stops when you are a digital marketer.

4. You’ll Never be Bored

That’s guaranteed. hahaha

Not two days are the same when you are providing digital marketing services to other businesses. There is always something going on, which will keep you on your toes. Trust me true digital marketers are never bored.

3 pieces of Advice A Digital Marketer Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Don’t let your Existing Clients Go

These days many online gurus tell you to buy their online digital marketing course and the thing they will keep on repeating throughout the course is. If a client is not easy to deal with let them go.

My question is WHY?

You should learn the art of convincing.

You should learn the art of changing someone’s mind and behaviour.

The easiest thing to do is to let them go and find another client which is not easier. But if you build a relationship with your client, and make them adapt to your ways of working, things will work out. I am talking this from experience. Working with long-term clients is way easier than always finding new clients and then falling out with them.

2. Focus on Getting the Results

Often digital marketers get distracted by new technologies and trends and they lose focus from the real task on hand. Whenever you are working with a client, follow these steps

  1. Understand their business
  2. Create a digital marketing strategy
  3. Implement the strategy
  4. Monitor the performance
  5. Make improvements in the strategy
  6. Go back to 3 and repeat everything

3. Digital Marketing is not a Quick Thing

I will be honest and straightforward with you. To become a good digital marketer, it takes between 6-10 years and still, you never stop learning. It’s simple you cannot become a digital marketer by just attending a 3 months online digital marketing course. Whoever is saying is lying. Like any other field, you will only become a good digital marketer by putting in hours of practice and understanding the current marketing practices and trends. You will never become a good digital marketer by simply completing a digital marketing course.

Conclusion: Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

I hope if you’re going to take up digital marketing as a career, my advice will help you until you are able to write a better version of this blog post. I am sure if you ever become a digital marketer, you’ll do an awesome job. Remember never take your eyes off the ball. Your goal is to become the best and to achieve that you must work hard. All the best.

A question readers in Pakistan might ask…

How to do the digital marketing course in Pakistan?

Whilst there are hundreds of tech institutes in Pakistan. Many claim to be teaching digital marketing. However, upon my recent visit to Pakistan, I interviewed many students who were doing digital marketing course in Faisalabad. None of them knew anything about digital marketing. This shows how bad the state of education is in Pakistan. Other students I spoke to were learning web development, graphic design, video editing and IT skills from other institutes in Faisalabad didn’t know much about these either.

Firstly, I call upon the government of Pakistan to crack down on dodgy institutes looting the general public.

Secondly, I ask the owners of these institutes to have mercy upon the youth of Pakistan. They are coming to make their futures better but all you’re doing is collecting fees and teaching nothing.

Finally, I request all the parents and students to do all your checks before choosing an institute for your course. Not every institute is genuine. Only choose the institutes that are actually working with real businesses.

Your Digital Marketing Institute in Faisalabad

Here at SofticEra, we offer a wide range of tech courses. It includes a digital marketing course, a WordPress web design course, a Web Development Course, a Graphic Design Course and an IT Skills Course. You can learn modern-day tech skills online or in person. If you are interested in doing a course from SofticEra, please get in touch and a member of our admissions team will guide you through the complete process. Throughout the course, you will guided by our young yet experienced staff, who are always on hand to help.