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Our Story

SofticEra was founded in 2021 in the heart of Faisalabad by Usman Dar from the UK. Usman is currently running a successful digital marketing agency in the UK and it was his longstanding dream to build a digital marketing institute in Pakistan to help young people learn digital marketing skills the right way.

Today SofticEra has become one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Pakistan. As well as training the next generation of web designers, graphic designers, and SEO experts, SofticEra is bringing Pakistani businesses into the 21st century by building awesome-looking, user-friendly websites and running paid ads to generate new business.

Our Specialisation

We specialise in offering Digital Marketing Courses, Web Design Courses, SEO Courses, PPC Courses, Social Media Marketing Courses, English Language Courses and Web Development Courses.

Our Philosophy

For Businesses

SofticEra’s business philosophy is to work closely with clients, understand their online marketing needs and provide value for money in helping the company grow.



For Students

SofticEra strongly believes in ethical business practices. We believe in excellence. This is why all our courses have been designed to help you become the market leader.



Client Focused

Excellent Service

Pillars of Our Brand

Results Driven

Trust & Integrity

Pillars of Our Brand

Results Driven

Client Focused

Excellent Service

Trust & Integrity

Our Process


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Formal Proposal


Working Together

Why Choose SofticEra?

  1. We are Honest & Transparent
  2. We are Data-Driven
  3. We work tirelessly to achieve your digital marketing objectives
  4. Simple Reporting (Free of Jargon)

SofticEra Team

We all have one thing in common – we want you to have the best learning
experience at SofticEra – An Institute and Software House

Usman Dar


Numan Dar

Managing Director

Roman Ahmad

Director of Marketing & Development

Hamza Jameel

Director of Academics Affairs

Muhammad Ibrahim

Director of HR & Finance

Asad Ali

Digital Marketing Manager

Hamza Saeed

Digital Marketing Manager


Social Media Manager

Muhammad Haris

Social Media Manager


Web Developer

Muhammad Usman

Web Developer

Abdul Moiz

Web Designer

Muhammad Hafeez

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Momina Shehzadi

Video Editor


Video Editor


English Instructor


Admissions & Sales