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By completing our Spoken English Course, you will gain the confidence to engage in fluent conversations in English. However, to master the English language, you must continue reading, listening, writing, and speaking the language.

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Methods of Learning


Course Duration

8 Weeks

Methods of Learning


Course Duration

8 Weeks

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Unlock Your English Fluency with Our Spoken English Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to perform the following

  • 01-Confident Conversations

    Develop unwavering confidence in spoken English as you progress through carefully designed modules.

  • 02-Mastering Essentials

    Master the art of greetings, introductions, and foundational conversational skills, setting the stage for engaging interactions.

  • 03-Expressing Everyday Life

    Skillfully communicate your daily routines, activities, and personal preferences with ease and clarity.

  • 04-Navigating Real-Life Scenarios

    Seamlessly navigate real-world scenarios, such as confidently ordering meals or seamlessly asking for directions.

  • 05-Sharing Your Story

    Express your experiences, hobbies, and anecdotes using the power of past tenses, painting vivid verbal pictures.

  • 06-Effective Conversations

    Engage in captivating conversations, express your opinions, and share your ideas with eloquence and precision.

  • 07-Modal Mastery

    Harness the potential of modal verbs to suggest, advise, and express necessity, adding depth to your communication.

  • 08-Listening and Responding

    Master the art of active listening, responding thoughtfully and appropriately to foster meaningful exchanges.

  • 09-Cultural Nuances

    Navigate diverse cultures with grace, participating in group discussions while considering cultural subtleties.

  • 10-Fluency through Idioms

    Elevate your language fluency by incorporating idiomatic expressions, adding flair to your spoken English.

About Instructor

I’m Raza, a linguistics specialist holding an MPhil degree. Embark on the Spoken English Course with me, and I will guide you to achieve fluency in spoken English in under 2 months.

With a teaching background spanning over a decade, I bring extensive experience to the table. My profound knowledge in phonetics, syntax, and discourse analysis will intricately enhance your language abilities. Notably, I’ve recently attained a score of 7+ bands in the IELTS examination, further attesting to my prowess in the English language.

Why take the Spoken English Course at SofticEra?

By the end of this eight-week spoken English course, participants should have developed effective communication skills, including active listening, appropriate responses, elaboration, and engaging in group discussions. They would also have gained insight into the role of culture in communication and would be able to use idiomatic expressions to enhance their spoken English fluency.

Spoken English Course – Bonus

Throughout the course, you will engage in interactive sessions with our Founder, Usman Dar. Usman has resided in the UK since 2005, bringing a wealth of experience. He will impart his journey of mastering the English language and delve into his foray into the realm of Digital Marketing.

You will gain insights on enhancing your English language proficiency, acquiring diverse accents, and mastering the art of effective interpersonal communication in both speech and writing.