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IT and Office Skills Course

IT knowledge and skills are now essential in most roles. Enrol in this course to give yourself a head start when looking for a job or to further your career. Our IT and Office Skills Course is the best Office and IT skills course in Pakistan if not in the world.

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+44 7441 349477

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Methods of Learning

Classroom | Online

Course Duration

5 Weeks

Methods of Learning

Classroom | Online

Course Duration

5 Weeks

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What you’ll learn




Email & Outlook

Adobe Acrobat

Filing & Online Storage

How to use the Internet safely

Installing Software

How to use your phone to start earning money

Social Media

How to learn new skills online

and much much more!

Our IT experts will support you even after you’ve completed the course, so don’t worry even if you get stuck on something ‘the support’ is just one phone call or WhatsApp message away.

Why Choose SofticEra for IT and Office Skills Course?

  1. As a SofticEra student, you’ll have the support of a dedicated tutor throughout your studies.
  2. No other institute is offering such a comprehensive IT Skills Course in Pakistan
  3. 100% practical based IT Skills Course
  4. Free lab to practice what you’ve learnt
  5. By learning IT skills you are giving yourself a chance to become employable