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IELTS Preparation Course

This course will take you through every stage of the IELTS test, and advice from our team of IELTS educators along the way. The course also connects you with other students to share experiences and tips.

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Methods of Learning


Course Duration

6 Weeks

Methods of Learning


Course Duration

6 Weeks

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IELTS Preparation Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction and Diagnostic Testing

Objective: Familiarize students with the IELTS format and ascertain current skill levels.

Rationale: Starting with diagnostics helps tailor the course to students’ specific needs.

Monday: Introduction to IELTS and its components.

Tuesday: Diagnostic tests of listening and speaking.

Wednesday: Diagnostic tests of reading and writing.

Thursday and Friday: Review diagnostic tests.

Week 2: Listening and Reading Skills

Objective: Develop foundational strategies for high-scoring answers.

Rationale: These sections test a wide array of skills, from comprehension to skimming; an early focus ensures ample practice.

Monday to Wednesday: Deep dive into the Listening section.

Thursday and Friday: Comprehensive overview of Reading.

Week 3: Writing Skills

Objective: Equip students with the structure and vocabulary for both tasks.

Rationale: Writing requires constructing responses, unlike multiple-choice sections, necessitating dedicated focus.

Monday and Tuesday: Task 1 of IELTS writing.

Wednesday to Friday: Task 2 of IELTS writing.

Week 4: Speaking Skills

Objective: Enhance fluency, coherence, and response quality.

Rationale: Speaking involves real-time responses, thus requiring confidence and practice.

Monday to Wednesday: Parts 1 & 2 of IELTS speaking.

Thursday and Friday: Part 3 of IELTS speaking.

Week 5: Advanced Practice and Strategies

Objective: Refine skills, enhance timing, and introduce complex strategies.

Rationale: With the basics covered, the focus shifts to mastering the exam under time constraints.

Monday and Tuesday: Advanced Listening and Reading.

Wednesday and Thursday: Advanced Writing.

Friday: Advanced Speaking.

Week 6: Final Review and Mock Testing

Objective: Ensure readiness and address any lingering concerns.

Rationale: A full mock-up provides students with an exact feel of the test, enabling better preparedness.

Monday to Wednesday: Comprehensive review.

Thursday: Full-length mock test.

Friday: Feedback and final strategy session.

Important Note

Throughout the IELTS Preparation Course, students are required to complete their homework for continuous engagement. English immersion outside the classroom is necessary to enhance real-world application.

 Throughout the 6 weeks, it is your job to do extra study and practice to improve your vocabulary, complete grammar exercises, and practice tasks for each section of the IELTS preparation course to get ready for the exam. Along with all this, you should watch English news, read English books, and articles and make yourself aware of the country where you are intended to visit or live. The best way to learn any language is to speak so speak English with your friends, family and colleagues and remember don’t be shy, everyone makes mistakes.

About Instructor

I’m Raza, a linguistics specialist holding an MPhil degree. Embark on the Spoken English Course with me, and I will guide you to achieve fluency in spoken English in under 2 months.

With a teaching background spanning over a decade, I bring extensive experience to the table. My profound knowledge in phonetics, syntax, and discourse analysis will intricately enhance your language abilities. Notably, I’ve recently attained a score of 7+ bands in the IELTS examination, further attesting to my prowess in the English language.

Why take the IELTS Preparation Course at SofticEra?

By the end of this six-week IELTS course, participants should have developed effective communication skills, including active listening, appropriate responses, elaboration, and engaging in group discussions. They would also have gained insight into the role of culture in communication and would be able to use idiomatic expressions to enhance their English fluency and sit in the IELTS test with confidence.

IELTS Preparation Course – Bonus

During the course, you’ll have interactive sessions with our Founder, Usman Dar. Usman has been living in the UK since 2005 and brings a lot of experience. He’s going to share how he started his journey to improve his English and how it helped him establish his name in the world of Digital Marketing.

In these sessions, you’ll learn how to boost your English language skills, pick up different accents, and become a better communicator in both speaking and writing.