Google Ads Course – Generate Profit with Google Ads PPC Ads

Google Ads Course

Generate Profit with Pay-per-click (PPC). Our Google Ads Course is a Step-by-step Guide to mastering Google Ads / PPC, Remarketing, Search Campaigns, and YouTube Ads from Basic to Advanced with Google Ads Course.

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Methods of Learning

Classroom | Online

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Methods of Learning

Classroom | Online

Course Duration

4 Weeks

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What you’ll learn

How to set up your Google Ads account from scratch

The theory behind successful online advertising

What keywords and how to use them to your advantage

How to set up conversion tracking and how to track phone calls from your website

How to track sales, revenue and form submissions using Google Ads

How to take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns

How to increase your Quality Score and decrease your cost per click

How to structure your account, campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists for optimal results

How to analyse keyword data in Excel to gain deeper insight into your data

How to use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and Google tools to automate your optimisation tasks and run better analyses

How to monitor your campaign performance regularly

How to spot trouble in your account and what you need to do to fix it

How to understand your customers from a psychological level

Google Ads Course Content

Introduction to Google Ads

Understand Your Own Business

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Research

Website Content Strategy

Google Ads is another form of SEO

Importance of Technical SEO for Google Ads Campaigns

How to do a Content Audit of a website for a PPC Campaign?

In Future, Most of the Advertisement Campaigns will be Dynamic

Structuring your Ad Groups

Creating and setting up a Google Ads Account

Structuring your Ad Groups

How to Write Killer Ads in Google Ads

AI and Google Ads Strategy

Setting Up Google Ads Billing

Keyword Research

Account Structure – How to set up a Google Ads Campaign like a Pro

Bidding, Auctions, Campaign Types – Everything Step by Step

Monitoring the Campaign

Search Terms – always keep an eye on them

Improve your website content with the help of Search Terms

Google Analytics and Google Ads


Display marketing with Google Ads

Video marketing with Google Ads on YouTube Ads

And much more!

Our Google Ads Course experts will support you even after you’ve completed the course, so don’t worry even if you get stuck on something ‘the support’ is just one phone call or WhatsApp message away.

FAQ About Google Ads Course

Is Google Ads Course for me?

Anyone can learn Google Ads. No prior programming or coding experience is required for this course. If you are comfortable with using computers and like to put a shift in, the Google Ads course is for you.

What is the teaching style of Google Ads Course instructors at SofticEra?

We take student care very seriously. This is why all our courses are delivered by young professionals who are in the market and know what is trending and what is required to get a job in the current market. Our instructors will be with you throughout your Google Ads learning journey. They will guide you if you get stuck and help you become one of the best Google Ads experts.

What skills do I need to start learning Google Ads?

All you need is a basic understanding of business and how the Internet works. As long as you are a quick learner and are comfortable with using computers, and researching on the internet then this Google Ads course is perfect for you.

What opportunities are available to me after completing the Google Ads Course at SofticEra?

You can work as a freelancer and become your boss. You can work for some of the big names in digital marketing agencies. If you demonstrate your dedication and interest throughout the Google Ads Course, you will be given an internship at SofticEra and thereafter a job (subject to your skills level and availability)


How updated is the Google Ads Course with the latest Google Ads features and updates?

“Our Google Ads Course is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and features in Google Ads, ensuring you learn the most current practices in PPC advertising.”

Does the Google Ads Course include hands-on projects or real-world simulations?

“Yes, the course includes practical assignments and simulations that mimic real-world Google Ads scenarios, helping you apply what you’ve learned in a tangible way.”

Is there any support for Google Ads certification preparation in the course?

“Our Google Ads Course covers all the key concepts and skills needed to prepare for Google Ads certification, providing you with the knowledge to excel in the certification exam.”

How does the Google Ads Course teach budget management for campaigns?

“The course includes detailed sessions on budgeting strategies for Google Ads, teaching you how to optimize spend for maximum ROI.”

Will the Google Ads Course help me understand advanced targeting and bidding strategies?

“Absolutely! Advanced targeting and bidding strategies are core components of the course, ensuring you can effectively reach and engage your target audience.”

Can beginners with no marketing background take the Google Ads Course?

“Yes, our Google Ads Course is designed for beginners and does not require any previous marketing background. We start with the basics and gradually build up to more advanced topics.”

What are the career prospects after completing the Google Ads Course at SofticEra?

After completing the course, you’ll be equipped to pursue roles in PPC marketing, digital marketing, and advertising. Many of our graduates have successfully started their own freelancing businesses or joined leading marketing agencies.

How practical is the Google Ads Course for small business owners?

The course is highly practical for small business owners, focusing on strategies that are effective and budget-friendly, tailored for smaller-scale operations.

Does the Google Ads Course cover the integration of Google Ads with other marketing tools?

Yes, we cover how Google Ads can be integrated with other digital marketing tools and platforms for a cohesive marketing strategy.

Will I get feedback on my learning progress throughout the Google Ads Course?

Throughout the course, you will receive personalized feedback from our instructors, helping you understand your progress and areas for improvement.