Backend Web Development Course at SofticEra Institute, FSD

Backend Web Development Course with PHP

Dive into backend web development, master backend web development with PHP, MYSQL, and advanced interactivity with JQuery & Ajax!

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Methods of Learning

Classroom | Online

Course Duration

8 Weeks

Methods of Learning

Classroom | Online

Course Duration

8 Weeks

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What you’ll learn

Develop robust server-side applications with PHP for dynamic web functionality.

Manage and utilize MYSQL databases for efficient data handling and storage.

Enhance web applications with advanced JQuery techniques for improved user experience. (Bonus)

Implement Ajax for seamless data exchange and real-time content updates. (Bonus)

Understand the fundamentals of backend web architecture and server technologies.

Gain proficiency in database design and management with MYSQL.

Write clean, maintainable, and efficient PHP code following best practices.

Develop skills in creating secure, scalable, and high-performance web applications.

Integrate front-end and back-end technologies for full-stack development.

Troubleshoot and debug PHP and MYSQL code to ensure robust web solutions.

Learn to connect and interact with APIs using PHP and Ajax.

Apply practical skills in real-world backend development scenarios and projects.

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Our Backend Web Development experts will support you even after you’ve completed the course, so don’t worry even if you get stuck on something ‘the support’ is just one phone call or WhatsApp message away.

FAQ for Backend Web Development Course

Who is this Backend Web Development Course for?

This course is ideal for individuals who have completed front-end development training or have basic web development knowledge and are looking to expand their skills into backend development.

What will I learn in this Backend Web Development Course?

You’ll gain expertise in PHP and MYSQL for server-side development, along with advanced skills in JQuery and Ajax for dynamic web applications.

How does this course prepare me for advanced backend development?

This course lays a solid foundation in backend technologies, preparing you for our advanced “Backend Web Development with Laravel” course, which delves into sophisticated web application frameworks.

Can I take this course without front-end development knowledge?

While front-end knowledge is beneficial, this course focuses on back-end development. Basic programming knowledge would be a sufficient prerequisite.


What are the career opportunities after completing this course?

Upon completion, you can pursue roles as a PHP developer, backend developer, or full-stack developer, working on server-side web application logic and integration.


Do I need any special software or tools for this course?

You’ll need a computer with a web server solution stack like XAMPP or WAMP and a text editor or IDE. We’ll guide you through setting up everything you need.


Is there hands-on learning in this course?

Yes, the course includes practical projects and exercises to apply your learning in real-world scenarios, ensuring you gain hands-on experience.


What if I need extra support during the course?

Our instructors are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your learning journey, ensuring you grasp all concepts effectively.


What’s the duration of the Backend Web Development Essentials Course?

The course is designed to comprehensively cover all topics, with the duration specified upon enrollment to match the depth of content.


Will there be a focus on security in web development?

Yes, we cover essential security practices in backend development, including secure coding, data protection, and prevention of common security threats.


How will this course help me in learning Laravel in the future?

The skills you acquire in PHP and MYSQL are fundamental to understanding Laravel, a popular PHP framework, making it easier for you to transition to our advanced Laravel course.


Do I get a certificate upon completing this course?

Absolutely! A certificate will be awarded upon course completion, showcasing your newfound backend development skills.


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