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How to Start an Amazon FBM Store on a Tight Budget?

The complete Amazon selling blueprint. Start a brand-new career today, even if you are on a very small start-up budget.

What you’ll learn

Leverage the Amazon platform to create a full-time living or much, much more by selling physical products with high sales volume and low competition

Use a specific set of rules to uncover the easiest and most profitable items to sell

Know where and how to source these items at pennies on the dollar

Understand how to create the ‘perfect’ listing on Amazon for high rankings

Know what Amazon shoppers are searching for and take advantage of that knowledge to get more sales

Be able to get stock and start selling even when on a very tight budget

Know how to kick-start sales the right way

Understand how to use Amazon’s internal advertising feature

Be able to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes often made by new sellers

Take advantage of advanced tactics to take sales to a whole new level

Understand how the top 1% of Amazon sellers play the game

Save a ton of time by tapping into niches and products that have already been researched

Know how to get approval to sell in lucrative restricted categories

Know the things to focus on and the things not to waste time on

Follow a simple step-by-step plan to fast forward the entire process

Course Fee

Rs 25,000 

How to Start Amazon Store Course Content

What is a Private Label?

What is Wholesale FBA?

What is Dropshipping?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is product hunting?

How to provide Amazon Virtual Assistant Services?

What is the scope of Amazon?

What is the scope of Amazon Virtual Assistant Services?

How can you earn as much as you can?

Introduction To Amazon

  • Creating New Product Listing (Single/Variation)
  • Metoo Listing
  • Product Error Fixing (Suppressed Listing – Quality Alert etc)
  • Stock Checking
  • Order Management (FBM)
  • Creating PPC & Optimization
  • Product hunting & Ranking + Launching Product + Reviews Building
  • Handling A-to-Z complaints / Charge Back Claims / Returns / Refunds
  • Managing FBA Shipments
  • Creating FBA Shipments
  • Checking Payments (Statements – Transaction Reports etc)
  • Checking Account Health
  • Customer Service (Communication Skill – Answering queries)
  • How to Search the profitable Products in USA, CANADA and UK Market?
  • Where can I search for the products for sourcing?
  • How to communicate with the suppliers or manufacturers?
  • Product Listing and Inventory Management.

Plugins For Product Hunting

  • How to Use Keepa
  • How to Use Helium 10
  • How to Use Jungle Scout
  • How to use camelcamelcamel
  • How to calculate Amazon’s Profit
  • How to use DS Quick View
  • How to Check BSR
  • How to Use InvisibleHand

As part of the Amazon Course, you will also learn

How to create a Fiverr account to start the Virtual Assistant Service?

  • What is Fiverr’s Introduction?
  • How to Registration on Fiverr?
  • How to Create the Profile?
  • Competitor Gigs
  • Creating Gigs
  • Understanding Content Writing & Re-Writing
  • Keyword Researching
  • Tips for Gig Ranking
  • Review Building
  • Order Management
  • Contacting Support
  • Customer Service

Course Start Date

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Course Fee

Rs 25,000 

Course Duration

6 Weeks

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Our Amazon experts will support you even after you’ve completed the course, so don’t worry even if you get stuck on something ‘the support’ is just one phone call or WhatsApp message away.

FAQ About Amazon Course

Is Amazon Course for me?

Anyone can learn how to trade on Amazon. You are just a few clicks away from opening your own Amazon store. All you need the dedication, hard work and the ability to understand numbers to calculate profit margins. No prior experience is required to learn to trade on Amazon. If you are comfortable with using a computer, following instructions and have a basic understanding of researching different niches then this course is for you.

What is the teaching style of Amazon Course instructors at SofticEra?

We take student care very seriously. This is why all our courses are delivered by young professionals who are in the market and know what is trending and what is required to get a job in the current market. Our Amazon course instructors will be with you throughout your Amazon learning journey. They will guide you if you get stuck and will help you become one of the best traders on Amazon.

What skills do I need to start learning to trade on Amazon?

All you need is a basic understanding of researching and understanding numbers e.g. profit/loss. And if you are a quick learner, good at grasping concepts and have the patience to research before making any decision then this course is perfect for you.


What opportunities are available to me after completing Amazon Course at SofticEra?

You can work as a freelancer and become your own boss. You can open your own Amazon store and start trading yourself on Amazon. Once you understand the way Amazon works, the opportunities are endless. You will be shown actual numbers and actual Amazon accounts so you know what the possibilities are.


How much do Amazon store owners earn?

You cannot put a number on this, some store owners are generating millions and some are earning a decent full-time income. In simple words, the opportunity is endless with Amazon. Even though this course will teach you how to open an Amazon on a tight budget but as you grow and invest more money into your Amazon store you will give yourself a chance to increase your income. Start learning Amazon at SofticEra today!