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AutoCAD 2D

and 3D Course 

AutoCAD training course for Architects, Engineers, and Designers. This course is a full-length AutoCAD learning package that covers almost all the topics you will ever need to work with this software. The course is designed for beginners as well as advanced users. 

What you’ll learn

Introduction and merits of auto cad software

Introduction of Auto Cad graphics window; Title bar, Toolbar, Manu bar, Draw toolbar, status bar, Modify Toolbar, properties of Toolbar

Line types; construction lines, splines, polylines, multiline, and arc

Coordinate system; Absolute Cartesian coordinate, Relative Cartesian coordinate, and polar coordinates

Drafting setting: setting model space, grid, specifying units, drawing limits, snaps, and Ortho

Creating objects; by “ Draw Tool Bar”, by using a coordinate system, curved objects, point objects( point styles and sizes)

Modifying objects; copy, erase, cut to the clipboard, move, rotate, mirror, array, trim and extend lines, fillet and chamfer edges, offsetting objects, scale, stretch, etc.

Dimensions; Types and styles, creating and editing dimensions

Regions, boundaries, hatching, and gradients

Layers; with colour and line type, and modification in properties, freeze, lock and off options

Properties; hyperlink and area

Plotting; setting layout, page setup, paper size, print area, plot scale, drawing orientation, etc.

Course Fee

Rs 25,000 

AutoCAD Course Content

Introduction of plans, elevation, and selection

Drafting setup; line types and weight, layer, colour and drawing layout

Instructions to draw plans, elevations, and selection of a single room

Instructions to draw detailed drawings of residential units ( plan elevation, selection, and layout plan )

Text style and size, symbols, and design library ( templates of fixtures, and furniture )

Bath and kitchen interior setup

Stain case; types and designs

Frame structure; instructions to draw architectural and structural drawings of frame structure commercial buildings

Cross drainage structure; instructions to draw detailed drawings of a culvert and span bridge

3D solid modelling and mesh

Creating and editing basic 3D solid, rotating, arraying, mirroring, trimming, chamfering, filtering, sectioning and slicing solid and editing faces of solids

Rendering and its features, lights and shadows

Text and dimensions in 3D views

Pictorial drawing of 3D objects; isometric, oblique and perspective view

3D views of building components

Course Start Date

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Course Fee

Rs 25,000 

Course Duration

2 Months

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Our AutoCAD experts will support you even after you’ve completed the course, so don’t worry even if you get stuck on something ‘the support’ is just one phone call or WhatsApp message away.

FAQ About AutoCAD 2D and 3D Course

Is AutoCAD 2D and 3D Course for me?

Anyone can learn AutoCAD 2D and 3D. All you need the dedication and hard work. No prior drawing experience is required for this course. If you are comfortable with using a computer, following instructions and have a basic understanding of design and dimensions then this course is for you.

What is the teaching style of AutoCAD 2D and 3D Course instructors at SofticEra?

We take student care very seriously. This is why all our courses are delivered by young professionals who are in the market and know what is trending and what is required to get a job in the current market. Our AutoCAD 2D and 3D instructors will be with you throughout your AutoCAD learning journey. They will guide you if you get stuck and will help you become one of the best AutoCAD operators.

What skills do I need to start learning Advance AutoCAD 2D and 3D Course?

All you need is a basic understanding of problem-solving, positioning, dimensions and design. As long as you are a quick learner and are comfortable with coming up with designs and understanding instructions then this course is perfect for you.


What opportunities are available to me after completing AutoCAD Course at SofticEra?

You can work as a freelancer and become your own boss. You can work for some of the big names in the building, construction and architectural market.


How much do AutoCAD Developers earn?

According to a top AutoCAD operator is earning between $51,125 to $66,341. That’s a lot of money but to get there, you must put in the effort, and hard work and try your best to become an expert in AutoCAD.