About MD SofticEra - Institute and Software House, Pakistan

About MD SofticEra

Managing director 

My name is Usman Dar and I am the Managing director of SofticEra. I completed my graduation in Computer Science in 2004 from UMT, Lahore. In 2005 I moved to the UK, where I joined a local government organisation as an Assistant Finance Manager. After completing more than 5 years in the role I was promoted to IT Manager of the organisation.

That’s where the real story began

My duties included managing IT, Marketing and Software Development departments. That’s when I realised the future is in the IT, Marketing and Software industry.

Toward the end of 2016, I took the leap and left the job market to start my own business as a digital marketing agency. Right now, I am working with clients from all over the UK. I and my teams are helping businesses build websites, run PPC ads campaigns, manage social media pages and rank their website using modern SEO techniques.

2021 – the year to remember

Allah has blessed me with everything I could’ve wished for. The most important thing he is blessed me with is the blessing of Imaan, without which nothing is of use. I am proud to be a Muslim.

I strongly believe in an ethical approach in every way of life. Whether it’s business or personal life we should always do things within ethical boundaries. This is why I set up an institute and software house in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The aim behind setting up SofticEra was to help the future Pakistani generation become digital marketing savvy and understand how the world is moving forward.

My institute will try its best to provide the best education in the field of development and digital marketing. We will ensure that every student who completes a course from SofticEra knows how to get a job and how to become ‘the best’ in his/her field.

My Education


BS (Computer Science)
University of Management & Technology, Lahore


Association of Accounting Technician
Nelson & Colne College, UK

My Professional Background


Assistant Finance Manager
Pendle Leisure Trust, UK


Business Consultant
Whitefield Estate Agent, UK


Managing Director
SofticEra, Pakistan


IT Manager
Pendle Leisure Trust, UK


Thumbs Up Digital, United Kingdom